Business Cards

Make a powerful impression about your company or organization to customers and potential clients with professional business cards, newsletters, brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials.

Business Cards With Impact!

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You will be amazed at the impact professional business cards can make.  It may be the most important advertising tool you have. Yet many people make the mistake of thinking printed business cards are just a way of exchanging contact information.

To get real value from a business card, consider its true potential. Properly designed, they communicate that your company is credible, trustworthy and professional. It also lets potential clients and sales leads know that your organization pays attention to even the smallest details.

Business cards that are not designed properly, printed on the right paper and don’t relate to the business you are in, are the ones that will most likely go in the bin.  On the other hand, if a card is in relevance to the business you represent, has great design and is printed on the right paper, can create the impression that you wanted to make for your company. The very feel of the card can have a long lasting impact.

We have been helping organizations communicate visually and effectively to sell their products and services for 100 years by providing full service, high quality, commercial printing, at competitive prices, with attentive customer service.

We pride ourselves on our offset quality prints. We use only the thickest and most durable card stock with the brightest high quality inks to provide you with a superior custom printed product.

At Osterhus Printing, we know how important your business card is for your company or organization. Your image is on the line. You want a card you can hand out with pride. That’s why we’ve got real people here to work with you on every order, whether you need a single box of business cards or cards for your entire organization.