Minneapolis Book Typesetting

Typesetting is an “old world” craft in the commercial printing industry. By and large it has been replaced by digital printing and other technological advances. Unique projects and some small businesses still need typesetting, but very few printing companies have the equipment and capability of doing it. But Osterhus Printing does!

The typesetting service of Osterhus Printing does not require flash drives, Word Docs, or computer files to have your materials commercially printed. If you have nothing more than handwritten sheets, our typesetting service can turn those into attractive and compelling printed documents that will deliver your message. The graphic designers, printing layout specialists and typesetters will astound you with their skills and abilities at working with what you have and shaping it into a work of art.

Bring whatever you have, in whatever form or format it might be in, and Osterhus Printing will give you a FREE consultation and cost estimate on how to proceed with getting it commercially printed.